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Monday, September 2, 2013

Spoiled rotten ....and very lazy day....

  Today I do not feel like doing anything!!  HAd a VERY full and happy day yesterday and did not get home until almost midnight!  I tried to call our favorite pizza place to have them deliver lunch and they do not open until 4p :(  ( Circle Pizza, Greentown).
  Steve went out to pick sweet corn for his lunch and he will have that and some left over green beans and melon and be a happy boy.
  I really had my appetite ready for pizza so I decided to make a mozzarella  and tomato 'grilled cheese' sandwich!   Having fresh tomatoes from the garden helps and some fresh mozzarella. Just made a sandwich like you would for grilled cheese and a sprinkle of basil, sadly not fresh. Instead of buttering my sandwich I put a small bit of Olive oil in the pan w a little garlic..simple easy and yummy even for this extremely lazy and spoiled girl.

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