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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The view from here : Sept. just before harvest...

 This past summer has been a wonderful and incredibly busy time. People around here laugh when I say I am looking forward to things slowing down. For farmers the fall is anything but slow! But w all the work comes little time to be running all over the country! 

                      This afternoon after church and our usual brunch of bacon and eggs ( made by my hubby). Cinnamon and I went for a short walk. Short is better than none at all. We watched 'my' hawk that perches down the road SOAR up and down, field by field looking for her brunch. Hawks are one of my favorite creatures. I am very pleased to have one who lives nearby.
                                 This is our view , 'Cimmy' and me as we walk down our road..
                                                I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be.. solace.
                      A few tomatoes me and 'Cim' picked this morning before church. Small but tasty..Fresh spaghetti sauce coming up later this week....

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