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Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy, Happy Friday ( homemade chalk painting and sewing)

Got all the Super Hero capes made for G's b-day tomorrow. Photos to come after the party tomorrow. I am attempting to put Friday aside for painting and such.

  Reupholstering this chair seat was a breeze, love this material I found. Staple , staple and it's like new!

                            Will also make a matching pilow for our bed. The chair will go at my great grandmother's desk in our bedroom.
             I am pretty sure I did not pay more that $1.00 for this chair. Gave it a good wipe down and a very light sanding.
 My husband had this brown John Deere hat which I took to Lowe's and had match the color to paint a horizontal stripe around his office but it turned out horrible. I took a clean cottage cheese container put in approx. 2-3 Tbsps of Plaster of Paris and some warm water ( 1-2 Tbsp.) stirred well. After stirring both paints well, one J.D. Brown and the other a cream, both latex I added approx. 1 cup of the J.D. to the pop and stirred well and then added approx. the same of the cream probably less and stirred well again.  I made a tiny test patch on the newspaper ( high tech!).

                          test colors on the newspaper....
 Voila!! Can not believe how well this covered and I LOVE the color! Perfect, similar to Annie Sloan French Linen. Such a nice finish and stuck well!!  After it dried which it did quickly I very lightly distressed and gave it a coat of Johnson's Wax. One of these days I will splurge for Annie Sloan's wax because I love the sheen it gives. Right now I'm just learning.

   Finished product!!  What is really fun abut this is having a vision and watching it come to reality!!
                                           Matching  pillow for our bed...
                            Bonus project: I picked this vanity chair up on the roadside years ago, spray painted it. A friend owed me a favor and cut me a new plywood circle to replace the rotted seat. Padding, fabric and the handy-dandy staple gun!! :) Good day... The vanity chair will be up for sale. Any suggestions on what I should ask for it.. it would be darling at a vanity or in a little girls room.

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