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Friday, November 15, 2013

What would Thanksgiving be w/o lasagna? .

    This summer while visiting our daughter Anna in PHX for the birth of her new son Siegfried Patrick I discovered the 'cooking channel'.
  It was 118 degrees outside, ( OUCH!!) so while whiling the hours away ogling over a new bundle of JOY, we often had the cooking channel on in the background.
  I was delighted to come home and find it was on my direct TV I just hadn't tuned in before..One of my first favorite shows was Extra Virgin( w Debbie Mazar and her gorgeous Tuscan husband Gabriele.
  But lately I  got stuck on another great Italian cooking show: David Rocco I just happened to tune in the other day ( via my DVR) and David was making several authentic Italian sauces included the classic bolognese!! Excellent since my mothers family is Italian and I am in charge of bringing the lasagna for our family's Thanksgiving this weekend!! Here's the link to David's recipe:

So here's what you start w. Take ur time, clear ur calendar and concentrate on all that is good....Fresh rosemary, fresh basil...

  Yes my Patrick was right I can't follow a recipe completely.. is it me or did David forget the fresh flat leaf parsley I was sure he used on the show. Anyway I think any great Italian sauce has to have
Fresh ITALIAN FLAT LEAF PARSLEY ( not any other kind), it has a lovely little licorcey taste.
  O.K. MUST be a typo where is the GARLIC!!!  and I added just a hint of fennel seed. Sorry,( No I'm not), it just seemed right!

So this is a Soffritto : ( don't know why these links aren't connecting you straight through, sorry). So you see in the official Soffritto recipe they use FLAT LEAF PARSLEY!
So here is is starting to simmer .. good stuff takes time. I am cooking the meat separately at first, So I can make a vegetarian lasagna ( yes this will be the sauce for my lasagna) , vegetarian dish for my niece Katy. AND I will make a batch of pasta and DAIRY free sauce for my very allergic 22 month old granddaughter Natalia Nilean. 
I will add the meat after the sauce cooks and I take Katy's out for her veggie lasagna. It is a bit of brain teaser not to mix anything : written note on the table " NO MEAT for Katy: No Dairy for Nattie!!

  Well it may be awhile until I add the final product..


                                        Remember Count Your Blessings NOT Your Grumbles!!

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  1. I got a kick out of your title! We love homemade lasagna around here but I have to say we've never tried it for Thanksgiving! Sounds like a good idea to me. :) Have a Blessed Thanksgiving, Deborah!