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Friday, January 3, 2014

Learning to embrace Wintery January days.. Quick yummy minestrone soup, ( w what's on hand when you can't make it to the grocery.)

 Totally unrelated to this blog on Wintery days and homemade quickie soup, a photo of 'my' hawk who lives down the road, one of my simple pleasures in life.
 Cinnamon our dog, looking out at the snow and pouting because she can not be out helping the farmers down the road load corn from bags in the field to take to the ethanol plant..

 Thankful for tins of food in the cabinet to make up a quick batch of minestrone soup w whats on hand in the cabinet.. Glad I won't have to go out in the below zero weather to go to the grocery. The foul weather is making me become creative w what is on hand..
   Yummy Quick Minestrone Soup.. when I have the choice , I love using fresh ingredients, like freshly grated romano cheese, fresh parsley etc. but it's great to have shelf safe products on hand, especially when you live in the country and the nearest store is 30 minutes away!
  1 Tbsp of Olive oil, 1 Clove of garlic, 1/2 onion chopped and saut√©ed, pinch of salt,
 1/2 tin of garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed ( I like to brown mine w above for more flavor, the other 1/2 will become humus for tomorrows lunch)
1/2 tin of kidney beans drained and rinsed ( the other 1/2 of these will make help make a small batch of chili for the farmers lunch tomorrow)
1/2 tin of peas
2 Cups of water in a microwave glass container w two chicken bouillon cubes ( heat 2 minutes Be Careful!)
1 cup of jarred spaghetti sauce..
1 grated carrot, ( grating helps cook faster)
add all above and heat gently and sprinkle of basil , parsley if available I had none today
when simmering add a handful of pasta and add more water as necessary ( I added at least another cup)
simmer until pasta is cooked.
salt and pepper to taste and a sprinkle of Parm. cheese or whatever is on hand when served.. Quick, warm satisfying..
                                                    my lunch , it really is good!
                                        Decided to go ahead and make the farmers quick chili
I had a 1/2 pound thawed ground beef, browned in iron skillet w a Tbsp of butter ( this farmer working out in below zero weather could use the fat)
Seasoned w chili powder and a smidge of cumin and salt.
I would have added onions but this farmer is a picky eater.
my other 1/2 can of red kidney beans.
1 cup of water w one beef bullion cube.
 I used 1/2 jar of Red Gold mild salsa since I am low on tomatoes and seasoning and I added a small amount of pasta since the farmer likes it that wasy. I will simmer it until pasta is cooked and add a generous helping of grated cheddar cheese and serve w crackers. 
The Farmers lunch.....

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