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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Eco Friendly Transplant??? :/

   I am embarrassed to say that I have this many styrofoam cups and a few more. I was determined to do something eco friendly w them if that is possible. I have this huge pot and a beautiful hibiscus that was in need of a transplant a while back.. I wanted to put drainage in the bottom and usually use rocks or broken clay pots. One benefit to using my styrofoam cup collection is that it will not add any more weight to my already heavy pot so I can move this hibiscus around. Last year I stored it  in the garage w very little attention or watering and it survived. I plan to store it in the garage again this winter.

 Um, using one of the styrofoam cups to add potting soil did not work out well.. switched to something sturdier.
         Ta da, a plant that has room to breath.. and a very wee little bit less in the landfill...

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