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Friday, August 30, 2013

              My hubby loves fresh green beans Sooo much he never minds snapping them for me.
Green beans, sausage and potatoes is not rocket scientist if you come from the country but it is one of the things I had to learn coming from the city.

   Easy? Yes. Delicious? Yes!  #1. Have yur hubby snap a big batch of fresh green beans. I brown a little bit of bacon and add some chopped onion and brown. Add the green beans and cover and heat. Keep a close eye and steam but you will need to add some water so you don't burn them. You are going to simmer them for several hours. ( You could do all of this in a crock pot). After simmering most of the day. ( It's a country thing I like my veggies crisp but hubby wants them like momma makes 'em).
                                            green beans all cooked down
                                          add sausage (I used low fat turkey sausage) and red pototoes

                                       All Done!

                       Now to pick the corn..

                                               and shuck it...

                                      One of the things I will miss most about summer , Melon!
                                      Hey, Phoenix, No it wasn't really 103 but 92was hot enough.
                                           Summer supper ...

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  1. Hi Deborah, I too am from the city now living in the country and I tell you I love fresh veggies period but lately I have been on a green bean streak. I love them so much I snap them myself. I usually prepare mine with bacon when I'm in a hurry but when I have time and remember to pick some up I love to add potatoes and smoked turkey wings as well. I just may have to go out and buy some for dinner tonight. I planned on making spaghetti but this post has me wanting green beans :)