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Friday, August 30, 2013

Creamy carrot soup..

   Trying to get back on track w my diet. (had lost 5 lbs since we got back from Alaska). Back to veggies.
   I scrub my carrots, don't peel them, that's where all the 'vities' are and there's fiber in that peel!
  Scrub, remove ends, cut in pieces. Cover w chicken stock, and a tad of H2O to cover. Cook w small amount of onion, and parsley preferably fresh. I prefer flat leaf much tastier than curly.
  It is WELL worth picking up some fresh herbs along w shallots, onions (red and sweet), and garlic. Spicing up simple things will taste better and keep us on track,( hopefully).  A bit of salt and pepper and I added a tiny bit of fennel but now I'm thinking a bit of mint would have been lovely.
  I will simmer until carrots are tender, then remove from heat and blend w a blend stick ***
( invaluable) and add a bit of low fat milk to make creamy. Yum, low fat , scrumptious, lunch!
        ***  MAKE SURE BEFORE YOU BLEND YOU COOL, HAVE IN A DEEP BOWL (  so doesn't splatter) or puree in blender.
                                               put a little mint on the watermelon

                                            Steve's lunch above , mine below

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